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To spearhead the transformation of Michigan into a center of digital innovation, IT talent development, retention, and diversity by catalyzing business opportunities between enterprise firms and local technology suppliers. 

Our story.

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How might we connect organizations to technology partners in Michigan's very own backyard? The quest to solve this question was the beginning of our story in 2020.
Indeed, when we launched the Michigan IT Alliance  (Mi ITA), we knew that accomplishing our mission of transforming Michigan into a center of digital innovation and a mecca for entrepreneurs and practitioners would be a daunting task. We picked a starting point that would bring trusted insights into the small, “digital dynamos" that are currently below the purchasing radar of enterprise CIO's/CTO's because of the preponderance of contractually entrenched, large, incumbent vendors. If we could somehow extend the business in innovation opportunities to smaller, Michigan-based suppliers (the “digital dynamos”), we believe we could set in motion the flywheel of growth, hiring, investment and perception. And, so, the IT Alliance was launched as 501(c)3 nonprofit organization to fulfill this vision. Why a nonprofit? We wanted to adhere to the highest standards of accountability and neutrality while freeing our passion for fulfilling the vision without even a hint of bias. 
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Why we built TechBase.

One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is the need to find qualified technology suppliers to help them innovate and develop solutions that provide a competitive advantage. Conversely, suppliers, and especially smaller suppliers, have an uphill battle in gaining mindshare and visibility with prospective buyers. 

The Michigan IT Alliance (MiITA) is an organization that provides a platform containing a curated database of supplier information. Called "TechBase", our platform contains curated data that helps prospective buyers find, qualify and connect with local, Michigan-based small tech firms. 

This sets in motion a flywheel of economic activity that benefits buyer companies and technology suppliers as well as providing opportunities for developing, retaining and growing the digital workforce at Michigan.


We don't have a horse in this race. As a non-profit, we advocate objectively without any conflict of interest


We work behind the scenes to find the hidden gems of technology suppliers


Tired of marketing spin, sponsored results and exaggerated claims? We cut through the BS so you don't have to.

MiiTA is about community.


Find suppliers that meet your innovation needs without the worry. 


An engagement with a MiiTA qualified partner means derisking delivery.


Our goal is to foster win-win's. Through our B2B platform, we benefit the community and help the Michigan technology ecosystem thrive.

Our Team.

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Commitment To Inclusion.
We support diversity in technology and embrace our differences
We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance to compete on their merits
We promote an inclusive community of practitioners and businesses based on respect, tolerance and teamwork 
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